get readyyyy!

2017-06-15 07:25:23 by SimpleCubic1497

im starting to work with macromedia flash pro 8 :*D


2017-06-10 17:08:58 by SimpleCubic1497

yesh i got 1000 pointos


2017-06-10 06:35:46 by SimpleCubic1497

ive been using newgrounds for 6 YEARS NOW, and in all these years i had no idea how to make an account............


Happy Birthday, Jermaine! ^^ I wish you a great life and very much succes and happiness. :3 

I hope sometime that you will come back to NewGrounds! (^_^)

For now, I hope you have a happy life! Happy b-day! :-)


2017-03-11 15:55:47 by SimpleCubic1497

yes, I'm uploading songs everyday.